After a long ride WWD comes to an end. We are going out with a bang. This is a truly powerful (lost) episode that encapsulates what Wrestling With Depression is all about. Thanks for listening and remember the old episodes are always here for you or anyone else fighting the good fight. Thank you for your support and for making WWD something I am truly proud of. -Marty

It’s been a while. I guess it’s time to get in the ring with W. Tyler Paterson. The author, musician & comedian goes one on one with Marty. The duo talk about growing up with depression, dealing with school and relationships. Tyler also tells Marty there is the ghost of a little boy living in Marty’s apartment where Tyler once lived. All this plus hear about his newest book WOTNA (Wrestlers of the New Apocalypse). Let’s podcast!

Get in the ring with Lainie Lenertz. Marty is joined by the stand up comedian to talk about relationships, medication & bouncing back. Lainie also talks about giving up drinking and how it has affected her like. This is a good one for anyone who feels like need to turn things around or need a reminder to get things back on track. Let’s podcast!

Get back in the ring with Jonah Jurkens. For the fourth time we are joined by one of Marty’s closest friends to talk about the passing of his father. Johan has talked about his father before and his stories have been some of the most open and honest talks in this podcast. With his death comes lots of issues for Jonah to deal with and he talks candidly about them here.

It is Mental Health Awareness Week here on WWD. Get back in the ring with Marty and his special guest Dr. Ellen Wesley for the first of four shows weekly shows in October. This week’s episode is extra awesome as Ellen gives us a behind the scene look what it is like being an emergency medicine physician while dealing with all sorts  of fun personal issues. Let’s podcast!

After a brief hiatus it is time to get back in the ring with Reena Calm. Marty is back from a depression induced vacation with one of his favorite guests for another bout of WWD. Marty & Reena talk all things depression including naps, eating right/wrong & getting in shape. All this plus a whole lot more. Let’s podcast!

Get in the ring with Mike Gifford. The writer/comedian joins Marty to talk about how he changed his life. Mike had four major events in his life that changed the way he lives his life. We get into drinking, depression, therapy & coming out. This is a fantastic episode for anyone who feels stuck in their current situation. Let’s podcast!

After a brief hiatus, it’s time to get back in the ring! Marty is joined by guest Carly Ballerini to help him get back in the swing of things. She’s the daughter of a bi-polar clown and a very funny lady. Carly pulls no punches about her very unorthodox childhood & her struggles in adulthood. She’s a bad ass lady & you’re gonna find out why. Let’s podcast!

Get back in the ring with Jim Flannigan. Marty is back from WrestleMania with one of his favorite guests for another bout of WWD. Jim & Marty talk all things depression including eating, drinking & working out. Jim flips the tables on Marty and asks him a buch of questions. All this plus a whole lot more. Let’s podcast!