Get in the ring with Zach Thompson. Marty is joined by fellow comedian and wrestling broadcaster to talk about a little wrestling and lot about some other serious stuff. Zach lost his brother in 2012 and his father in November. This is a very open and honest discussion about loss and what it means to keep moving forward and kicking ass. Let’s podcast!

Get in the ring with Lindsay Lucido. Marty kicks off 2017 with an episode jam packed with WWD goodness. Marty and Lindsay talk about depression, eating disorders and alternative schooling. All this and tons more. This episode has something for everyone. What a way to start the new year. Let’s podcast!

Get back in the ring with Joe Fernandez. One of Marty’s favorite guests is back to talk all about all things drinking. Marty & Joe have both had issues with drinking in the past and the two come together to see what their future with drinking holds. Let’s podcast!

Get in the ring with Kevin Bozeman. Marty is joined on the road by one of his favorite comedians and former Last Comic Standing contestant. The two talk about drinking, parenting & dating someone who’s depressed. Let’s podcast!

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Get in the ring with DJ Dangler. Marty is joined by the comedian and cartoonist to talk a little wrestling and a lot more depression, social anxiety and a bunch of other fun stuff. If you’re feeling down, DJ is a ray of sunshine that you’ve been waiting for. Let’s podcast!

Get back in the ring with Ali Clayton. From Flair Country to Chicago to New York. Join one of Marty’s favorite guests before she leaves Chicago. Ali talks about the amazing relationship she has formed with Bradley, who she was a caretaker for here in Chicago. They bond they have built is amazing and inspiring. Let’s podcast!