Episode 120 – Sam Norton

Get in the ring with Sam Norton. Marty is joined by his buddy for a a visit to talk about depression, marriage & being the baby of the family. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 119 – Meredith Kachel

Get in the ring with Meredith Kachel. Marty is joined by the wonderful artist and comedian to talk about about bed frames, suicide & running for prom queen. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 118 – Matt Striker

Get in the ring with Matt Striker. Marty is joined by the voice of Lucha Underground for one amazing episode. Matt talks about a very serious childhood issue, therapy and dealing with negativity. This episode...  Read More

BONUS: Wrestling Without Depression Episode 2

Bonus EP: Wrestling Without Depression Ep 2 Marty & Sarah are back to talk about ¬†WrestleMania 32, play another round of F/Marry/Kill and create a new gimmick for the adorable Braun Stowman. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 117 – Shannon Noll

Get in the ring with Shannon Noll. Marty Welcomes Shannon to the podcast to talk all about relationships, depression and gender identity. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 116 – Kristen Toomey

Rematch time here at WWD. Get back in the ring with Marty’s spiritual advisor, Taco Bell buddy and all-around bad ass Kristen Toomey. The duo talk about Target’s crystal isle, saging her kids and late...  Read More
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