Episode 124 – Keith Paesel

Get in the ring with Keith Paesel. Marty is joined by this fellow Hoosier to talk about growing up in Indiana, having a dad who parties and finally deciding to stop drinking and getting in...  Read More

Episode 123 – Nick Rouley

Get in the ring with Nick Rouley. The host of the Jam Sandwich podcast comes on WWD to chat with Marty about Weezer cruises, Skateboarding injuries & Burger King Tacos. Don’t worry, we get into...  Read More

Episode 122 – Kevin White

Get in the ring with Kevin White. Marty is joined by comedian and host of Arguments & Grievances to talk about trying new systems, panic attacks and a certain personal development program. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 121 – Mike O’Keefe

Get in the ring with Mike O’Keefe. Marty is joined by this unofficial Motor City Machine Gun. The guys talk about growing up with a military dad, going to therapy as a kid & growing...  Read More

Episode 120 – Sam Norton

Get in the ring with Sam Norton. Marty is joined by his buddy for a a visit to talk about depression, marriage & being the baby of the family. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 119 – Meredith Kachel

Get in the ring with Meredith Kachel. Marty is joined by the wonderful artist and comedian to talk about about bed frames, suicide & running for prom queen. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 118 – Matt Striker

Get in the ring with Matt Striker. Marty is joined by the voice of Lucha Underground for one amazing episode. Matt talks about a very serious childhood issue, therapy and dealing with negativity. This episode...  Read More
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