Episode 137 – Jason Melton

Get in the ring Jason Melton. Marty is joined by this fellow Hoosier to talk about toxic relationships, drinking & all sorts of aspects of depression. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 136 – DJ Dangler

Get in the ring with DJ Dangler. Marty is joined by the comedian and cartoonist to talk a little wrestling and a lot more depression, social anxiety and a bunch of other fun stuff. If...  Read More

Episode 135 – Ali Clayton

Get back in the ring with Ali Clayton. From Flair Country to Chicago to New York. Join one of Marty’s favorite guests before she leaves Chicago. Ali talks about the amazing relationship she has formed...  Read More

Episode 134 – Jim Michalik

Get in the ring Jim Michalik. Marty is joined by punk rock aficionado and fellow newcomer to the world of working out to talk about getting up off the couch and getting to the gym....  Read More

Episode 133 – Mike Finoia

Get in the ring with Mike Finoia. Marty is joined by the comedian & podcaster to talk about guilt, anxiety & meditation. Hear how Transcendental Meditation helped transform his life. Let’s podcast!  Read More

Episode 132 – Dan Friesen

Get back in the ring with Dan Friesen. You wanted the best, you got the best. Marty breaks out the big guns with Dan. The podcast super friends talk about negativity, keep your passion &...  Read More

Episode 131 – Joe Fernandez

Get back in the ring with Joe Fernandez. Marty brings back one of the original guests of WWD and one of the main reasons this podcast even exists. Joe is here to make things silly...  Read More

Episode 130 – Liz Ziner

Get in the ring with Liz Ziner. Marty and Liz talk all things ADD. This episode is very informative if you’ve ever wondered if you have ADD and if so what are the steps for...  Read More

Episode 129 – DJ Z

Get in the ring with DJZ aka Zema Ion. The Impact Wrestling superstar sits down with Marty talk about growing up a wrestling fan, becoming a wrestler and all that life brings his way. Let’s podcast!  Read More
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