Episode 146 – Russ Williamson

Get in the ring with Russ Williamson. The comedian & actor stops by to talk about vices. We get into drinking, eating & smoking. Here why Russ likes being on the road and what he’d...  Read More

Episode 145 – Jonah Jurkens

Get back in the ring with Jonah Jurkens. The newest member of the “Three Timers Club” is back to talk about what it’s like to get knocked out and have to wake up to a...  Read More

Episode 144 – Zach Thompson

Get in the ring with Zach Thompson. Marty is joined by fellow comedian and wrestling broadcaster to talk about a little wrestling and lot about some other serious stuff. Zach lost his brother in 2012...  Read More

Epsisode 143 – Lindsay Lucido

Get in the ring with Lindsay Lucido. Marty kicks off 2017 with an episode jam packed with WWD goodness. Marty and Lindsay talk about depression, eating disorders and alternative schooling. All this and tons more....  Read More

Episode 142 – Joe Fernandez

Get back in the ring with Joe Fernandez. One of Marty’s favorite guests is back to talk all about all things drinking. Marty & Joe have both had issues with drinking in the past and...  Read More

Episode 141 – Nick Cavalier

Get in the ring with Nick Cavalier. The award winning director talks to Marty about his new film, growing up with depression & living with it as an adult. All this and lots about getting...  Read More

Episode 140 – Kevin Bozeman

Get in the ring with Kevin Bozeman. Marty is joined on the road by one of his favorite comedians and former Last Comic Standing contestant. The two talk about drinking, parenting & dating someone who’s...  Read More

Episode 139 – Reena Calm

Get back in the ring with Reena Calm… and this time the mics work! Marty is back with his favorite Jewish punster to talk about the ups and downs of being single, getting along with...  Read More

Episode 138 – Zach Peterson

Get in the ring with Zach Peterson. Marty sits down with Zach to discuss the family tradition of depression, isolation & relationships. It’s a must listen for anyone who has ¬†depression in their family tree....  Read More
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